Music Goals for The New Year - 2018

Music goals have now changed.


I’m purely in this for the money now. Ok so I’m definitely lying, because we all know how much I like music, but it’s time my music makes me money.

Short term: so you wanna start a music library for publishing and/or licensing? How about getting some shit published or licensed ya own damn self madam! CJ WALKER! Get it together. The only royalties I made were from Pandora and BARELY did right. A lot of this music will be instrumental. And that is okay. Start building your own library, make at least 2 song ideas each week every week. Get a new comp and a better set up. Garage band is annoying, I eon't know why you are faking like it isn't. Build a catalog of 100+ and start sending em out. Exclusive or non-exclusive. Find the head honchos and the small-timers.

Long Term: get so good at this game that I becomes steady income, beautiful knowledge and networking opportunities. Even hitting like a stack a month will be swaggy if it’s strictly off of your own creations. THEN we tie it back into the business and really GET BUSY. Have me a house with a nice studio in the basement?

NO TERM: You wanna live your life on your terms right? But you also want to give? You want that perfect balance…well. Being an R&B performer is not in thos callings lol. Soul singer? Maybe. Christian singer? Sure. R&B Singer? Even yeah. But I don’t wanna be Beyonce. I don’t want the attention. I don’t want to be sexualized by that many ppl (still love the idea of private dancing for a bae tho) and I don’t want that lifestyle. But I still will make music. And people will still love it. And lil unknown radio shows will still ask for interviews. And u might get invited to shows. But that will take the backseat to music creation and music business. I’ll entertain the entertainment side every so often. I’ll show up on Drake’s tour and do a slow hook. Lol. BUT DASSIT. I like being behind the scenes. I LOVE IT ACTUALLY.

If you make music, donate here to a worthy cause. If you'd like to enter a music contest, check this out!

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