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So I met another internet music buddy yesterday. Ugh, why are they all guys. I want to meet a female music maker in the area. Anyway I was really mad I made plans with him, since I’m so anti-planning, but he turned out to be a refreshing type of dude, not a normal guy. Tre is band geek, socially awkward, adorable lil brother. And still cool peeps. Good for him. Another random….but important.

My new task is to focus on making music that speaks to a person's soul. That's the best kind. My next song will be acapella, with lyrical parallels to the comfort God’s presence and the presence of music. Both have saved me. Some could even relate it to their lover’s comfort. But it will be epic. And challenging lol I only have a concept, didn’t start writing yet at all. But I was listening to “Run to You” and “Hide and Seek” and I though, me next! Oh and Brandy joint too. ME NEXT like when I did "Lift every Voice"? Literally, still my top 3 favorite recordings. That was so long ago when I didn’t have marketing reach….and it still got 10,000+ hits.

Someone commented:

“God gave everyone a gift. And your gift was put in this song.”

And I’m literally tearing up. The first step to me changing lives will be my music. I was about to take another break, but no….speak on substance. Reach hearts with my songs. So much music has saved me and touched my spirit, even if it wasn’t spiritual. I can only imagine how many smiles I’ve put on faces, and how many more I can if I just make substantial music. First Love was so substancial. Still is. It touched people. Even today people are still telling me how they emotionally connected to it. I never forget crying while writing it. Although "Finger Licking Good" IS good and fun, I want to back track and take a step away from the mainstream.

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