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The Debut CD entitiled Reminiscent has been in the works since late October 2013. The project started as a challenge in light of long breaks in between previous music releases from R&B singer Rachel Marie Moore. After reading a few written works on past experiences from her diary, she decided to make each song from a memory in the past; particularly dealing with love and loss. In this journey of writing, producing, recording and singing 10 songs from scratch, Reminiscent proved to be the most challenging yet rewarding musical project that Rachel Marie has ever completed!

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"Rachel Marie has such a smooth lustrous voice that flows like a waterfall. Unff. She could sing the alphabet song and make it golden. "King Status" has just the right amount of sass without being overwhelming. "The End" is definitely going to be on my iPod for a long time. Rachel's gritty and slightly raspy voice in this track adds a certain vulnerability to the song, and is very well executed. "High" should be an instant hit as it's just so catchy!"


Josephine L, Music Critic



"Wow. Through every single song on the CD, Rachel Marie just oozes soul and passion. I love her soft, almost whispery, crooning style that she exhibits in each and every track. And yet, without forcing it, she clearly demonstrates her vocal range, belting out a few powerful high notes, but only when appropriate."


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