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"Yona Marie has such a smooth lustrous voice that flows like a waterfall. Unff. She could sing the alphabet song and make it golden..."


Josephine L, Critic


"Wow. Through every single song, Yona Marie just oozes soul and passion. I love her soft, almost whispery, crooning style that she exhibits in each and every track...."


Banger Of The Day

Rachel Marie aka Yona Marie is an RnB/ neo-soul music artist from the Washington, DC area. Her music inspiration stems from wide a variety of jazz, soul, blues, gospel, pop and classical musical collections. Free MP3 music downloads available for a limited time only! Join Rachel Marie's fan mailing list to get great songs and smooth vibes sent to your inbox :)

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"...She has great RnB songs that tell a story and connect with listeners who share similar experiences in their life's journey. It's not hard to feel like a song off of her album is speaking to you directly."


56 Trackstarters



"RnB music has been making a comeback lately; Rachel is one of the ones innovating under the radar! And that's exactly what the music industry is needing right now: good ole' innovation."


Remix Kings of the South


"It's hard to find quality Rnb music these days since everybody is on this lit but lazy sing-rap wave (lol), but some people are still making good Rnb songs on places like SoundCloud and Reverbnation. I came across Rachel Marie and discovered a whole bunch of gems."


DJ RandO BandO


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